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Glove Dispenser, Hand Specific 12Wx7Hx15D #AK-794-C
Product Code: AK-794-C
List Price: $129.72
Price: $129.72
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Acrylic Dispenser - Glove Dispenser - Hand Specific - 12"W x 7"H x 15"D  #AK-794-C

This glove dispenser is manufactured as a bulk glove dispenser or with a divider in the middle to separate right hand from left hand gloves.  The dispensers keep gloves clean, accessible and ready to use. All the edges of the opening have radius edges to protect employees and gloves from plastic cuts or tears.  The glove dispenser has an attached lid.   Manufactured of 3/16" clear high impact PETG.  Size: 12"W x 7-3/4"H x 15"D

PETG is polyethylene terephthalate glycol which is a thermoplastic sheet used in visual merchandising and engineering applications.  It can be easily formed, die cut and punched.

•  Impact strength greater than acrylic and approaches polycarbonate
•  Cost effective
•  Printable
•  Can be sterilized
•  FDA compliant
•  Chemical resistant
•  Self extinguishing
AK-794C  Glove Dispenser Clear Acrylic Hand Specific Gloves with Lid

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