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Product Code: 3M-725
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The 3M Wrist Strap Portable Dual Conductor  3M-725

A Personal and portable wrist strap monitor for use in manufacturing and field service environments.  The monitor 3M-725 features wrist strap monitoring and grounding for ESD mats/work surfaces.  Accessory Belt Clip  3M-723 converts the monitor into a portable/personal monitor.

NOTE: Only use 3M Dual Conductor Bands and Cords with the Monitor 3M-725.
3M-725  Dual Conductor Portable Wrist Strap Monitor

Wrist Strap Monitor 725 is a small, compact, battery-powered unit that continuously monitors both the worker and the worker’s wrist strap. The monitor uses a reliable resistance method that includes the worker’s skin resistance to determine if the system is operating properly. The monitor uses the same dual conductor wrist strap as used with the 3MWorkstation Monitor 724. In addition, the Monitor 725 also monitors the ground wire connection and battery level. The Wrist Strap Monitor 725 immediately alerts the individual when a wrist strap is operating improperly. The Monitor 725 continuously supplies a current that is returned through a wrist band and cord that contain two separate independent conductors. The monitor is a compact, portable, battery-powered unit with a visual and an audible alarm. A “parking plate” mounted on the Monitor 725 allows an individual to disconnect the ground cord and clip it to the parking plate to silence the alarm when moving from one work area to another. The 3MBelt Clip 723 is available as an accessory item and may be purchased separately. The competitively priced Wrist Strap Monitor 725 can be used in manufacturing and field service environments. By contributing to the protection of static sensitive devices and printed circuit boards from static damage, the monitor helps save money and time as a result of improved yield rates and lower field service costs.