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Product Code: 3M-790
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The 3M Wrist Strap Monitor 790 is a cost-efficient unit that is small, compact and versatile in its usage, and may be mounted directly onto device handling equipment, testers and auto insertion equipment. Housed in static dissipative plastic, the Static Monitor 790 works by measuring the voltage potential on a person referenced to earth ground. The monitor uses a slide switch allowing the user to select the voltage level necessary for the specific job function being performed. The Static Monitor 790 has two wrist strap input jacks located on its front, allowing two operators to use one monitor unit at a workstation simultaneously. Power is supplied to the unit through an AC adapter. Three distinct alarms make it easy to identify operators and the type of fault condition. The audible alarm can be adjusted to a low or high level to overcome background noise from other equipment that may be in use in the area. Ring terminals on the end of the unit’s ground and chassis cords provide a permanent connection.

*  Audible and visual alarms
*  Compact system
*  Select voltage alarm levels of 1 V, 3 V, 6 V, and 9 V
*  Static dissipative plastic housing
*  Mounts easily to ESD worksurface
*  Regulatory Compliance:  UL and CE
*  VM fabric and metal bands are to be used specifically with the Static Monitor 790

Monitor Includes: 3M-790 Wrist Strap Monitor, 3M-790AC Adapter (available without AC adapter), 3M Dual Lock Mounting Fasteners and 2 Wire Connector

Monitor Size:                             3.5"H x 4.0"W x 1.25"D
Power Supply:                           120 Vac ± 10% (North America)
Output:                                       25 Vdc @ 50 mA rated load
Output Plug Polarization           Center negative
Output Plug Dimensions            5.5 x 2.1 x 9.5 mm (ODxIDxI)
Voltage Detection Levels          (1 V± 15%) (3V, 6V, & 9V ± 10%
Ground Disconnect                   10 ohm ±20%
Temperature                             Max. 104°F  Min 50 F
Humidity                                   Max 75% relative humidity


3M-790   3M Wrist Strap Monitor