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The 3M Workstation Monitor 724 continuously monitors the resistance of the operator and worksurface ground connections. The monitor uses a reliable resistance method that actually includes the operator’s skin resistance to determine if the system is operating properly. If the operator’s resistance exceeds pre-set levels of 10 megohm or 35 megohm, or the wiring connections exceed 3.7 megohm, audible and visible alarms are triggered. The unit will also warn of potentially dangerous low-resistance situations. A switch allows the user to select either a 9 V or 16 V test voltage, and 10 megohm or 35 megohm resistance setting. The monitor uses the light, compact dual conductor wrist strap (purchased separately; see page 11). Dual conductors provide the resistance circuit that is monitored, as well as grounding redundancy. If one conductor fails, the other will still function to prevent sensitive components from being exposed to static. The Workstation Monitor 724 monitors a visitor to the workstation or a second operator. In addition, the loudness of the alarm is adjustable. A quick connect/disconnect 3M

The worksurface ground resistance circuit of the 3M workstation monitor indicates a malfunction when the groud loop resistance exceeds 3.7 megohm.  To determine if your mat is within this limit perform the following procedure using an ohmmeter.

Measure the resistance between the snap on the mat, where you intend to connect the 3M Monitor/Table Mat Replacement Cord 2380 and the ground point for the mat.  Be sure the mat is connected to ground.


Remote Input Jack 732 comes with the Workstation Monitor.
3M-724   3M Workstation Monitor complete with a quick connect/disconnect 3M-732 Remote Jack and mounting hardware