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Product Code: 3M-CTC331-WW
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3M Iron Man Workstation Monitors measure voltage directly on circuit boards during assembly. If there is any electrical overstress (EOS) on a board, the operator is alerted with both visual and audio alarms. The monitors are small enough to fit on every workbench where assembly or service occurs. Simply connect the overvoltage input to any ground plane connection of the board or to a mat on which the board is placed, with the supplied alligator connector. When there is a dangerous EOS exposure, the operator will be instantly alerted. Additionally, the board itself will be reliably grounded via a 1 megohm resistor inside the monitor. The 3M Iron Man Plus Workstation Monitor CTC331 adds complete monitoring of the entire workbench, including wrist strap and dissipative mat monitoring. The operator is monitored for proper connectivity and for excessive body voltage. The dissipative or conductive mat is monitored for its proper connectivity. A unique replacement wrist strap jack does not require soldering, which helps improve reliability and helps reduce the cost of ownership.

• Electric overstress monitoring of every board.
• Alarms allow operators to immediately respond to electric overstress.
• Isolation of exposed assemblies.
• Complete workbench coverage.

PROPERTIES                                  Iron Man 3M-CTC330              Iron Man Plus 3M-CTC331
ITEM                                               Typical Properties                   Typical Properties

Alarm Threshold                                 0-±5 V; 0-±50 V                      0-±5 V; 0-±50 V
Threshold Adjustment                         Potentlometer                         Potentiometer
Threshold Range                                Range selected by jumper       Range selected by jumper
Wrist Strap                                                                                     Dual, 3.5 mm plug
Operator's Resistance Alarm                                                            Yes
Operator Body Voltage Alarm                                                            Yes
Resistance to Ground                                                                       Yes
Visual                                                LED                                        LED
Audio                                                 Buzzer                                    Buzzer
Dimenstions                                       0.85"H x 2.4"W x 1.63"L           0.85"Hx2.4"Wx2.56"L
Power                                                External adapter included          External adaper include

3M-CTC331    Iron Man Plus Workstation Monitor