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Product Code: 3M-CTC065-3-WW
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3M Ground Monitors 3M-CTC0653-WW are designed to provide continuous monitoring of proper ground connections of up to eight tools and up to 16 tools in tandem with another Ground Master monitor. The monitor shows which individual ground connection is being monitored and its status. Ground Master also monitors EMI on each ground, to assist in diagnostics of lockups and malfunctions. Each ground connection has its own easily replaceable fuse to prevent dangerous voltages from incorrect wiring propagating to other equipment. Ground Master provides intelligent information to a facility monitoring system with detailed status on each ground connection. 3M Ground Master RT provides relay closure and a logic signal to the tool so that it can be shut down in case of ground failure. Contact 3M for the best model for your applications.
• ANSI/ESDA S20.20 compliant.
• Alarm threshold adjustable from 1–20 ohm.
• Each ground connection is protected by individual fuse in case of incorrect wiring.
• EMI monitored on each ground.
• Output to data acquisition or facility monitoring system (depending on model).
• Logic signal output to the tool shuts tool down if ground fails (depending on model).
3M-CTC065-3-WW   3M Ground Monitors