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Hand Held Indicator for ESD Events
Product Code: 3M-CTC082
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3M™ ESD PRO Hand Held Indicator for ESD Events
ESD Pro is a hand held indicator of ESD events that shows the relative strength of each ESD event and counts the number of ESD events above the set threshold.  ESD events, or electrostatic discharges, can damage sensitive electronic components.  The ultimate goal of ESD protection such as grounding, wrist straps, ionizers and static dissipative mats is to prevent ESD events, or at least decrease their strength and frequency of occurrence.  The only way to verify that your ESD protection works is by knowing whether you have ESD events in your environment, how strong they are and how many of them occur.  Thus, ESD Pro serves as your ultimate measure of effectiveness of your ESD protection.
ESD Pro is capable of rejecting most non-ESD related EMI (electromagnetic Interference) events.  This methodology allows assessment of the ESD environment in places where EMI events resulting from stepper motors, solenoids, relays etc occur.
 3M-CTC082   ESD Pro