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Two Wrist Straps Or Second Operator
Product Code: 3M-WSMONITOR3
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3M Continuous Monitors Two Wrist Straps or Second Operator
Single wire continuous monitors offer the most cost-effective means or continuously testing the connection integrity of the entire ground loop including the person, the wrist band and the coil cord. By using new impedance sensing technology, adjustments and false alarms are virtually eliminated. This system is fully automatic and activates when a wrist strap is plugged into the unit. It provides a green light for safe condition and a red light and tone for unsafe condition. Units are powered and grounded by an AC adapter. Compatible with most standard wrist straps.
Continuous monitors reduce production costs by virtually eliminating the time spent testing wrist straps. Further savings may be realized by reduced ESD damage from broken wrist straps. Continuous monitors indicate a failed wrist strap when the wrist strap breaks. A broken wrist strap that goes undetected may expose products to ESD over an entire shift.

3M-WSMONITOR3 Features

• Monitors two wrist straps/persons (for supervisor or second operator).
• Monitors connections to the bench mat.
• Compatible with any standard wrist strap.
• Easy to use: Simply plug in the wrist strap.
• Easy to install: Attach the monitor boxes to the bench with included
hardware, connect the mat and plug it in.
• Size: 1 H x 4 W x 2.4 in D (2.54 x 10.16 x 6.10 cm)
3M-WSMONITOR3  Single Wire Continuous Monitors - Monitors Two Wrist Straps/Person (or supervisor or second operator)