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Pharmaceutical and biotechnology cleanrooms often require that surfaces and products used for production are not only clean, but completely sterile. Using products that are traceable and validated as sterile is a firm requirement for these environments.

Cleanroom sterile cleaning supplies fulfill a key role in the function and success of many cleanrooms. Cleaning walls, surfaces, floors, and even animal cages is made possible with cleaning tools and products that thoroughly sterilize these surfaces without question.

Cleanroom sterilizing supplies such as sterile alcohol, irradiated wipes, and sterile disinfectant can make the sterilization process more consistent and ensure the process and final, cleaned result are compliant with industry standards. Sterile buffers, tapes, bags, dispensers, and sterile suits are also staples of many cleanrooms to prevent contamination in the first place.

Always have cleanroom sterile cleaning supplies available to keep products USP 797 compliant and processes consistent. Cleanroom World has the cleanroom sterilizing supplies required to ensure good manufacturing safety procedures.

Browse our selection of cleanroom sterile cleaning supplies and order now: don’t let a microscopica contaminant threaten the entire cleanroom environment.