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The motoroized shoe cleaner is an integral part of reducing the amount of particles that are brought into the gowning room and cleanroom on the sole of the shoes.  Four models provide options to meet a wide variety of requirements.

Motorized Shoe Cleaner Styles
•  SC3 - four rotating brushes: two side brushes, heel brush and toe brush
•  SC4 - two hinged side brushes, one hinged heel brush, one hinged toe brush 
•  SC5 - two hinged side brushes, one stationary heel brush, one stationary toe brush
•  SC01-EX - external or central vacuum unit: four rotating brushes

Cleanroom shoe cleaners are positioned at all the entrances.  A peel up sticky mat or washable sticky mat placed in front of the shoe cleaner can even further reduce the particle sole of the shoes.  Choosing the right model of motorized shoe cleaner will depend on budget and the type of cleanroom environment.  Call customer service when deciding which model will meet your requirements.