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ESD (electrostatic discharge) events can directly impact production yields, manufacturing cost, product quality, and of course, profits. However, minimizing them in the cleanroom environment requires strict attention to sources and causes of ESD as well as testing and mitigation of potential sources of ESD.

Many cleanroom products — such as floor coverings, mats, shoes, clothing, and work surfaces — play important roles in ESD reduction, but no cleanroom operation that is sensitive to ESD should be without good cleanroom test equipment.

ESD test equipment is an important investment in the safety of both workers and products. Frequent testing and monitoring for potential static events is an investment in success and longevity.

ESD equipment including wrist straps, grounding cords, labels and signs, ionizers, shoes, bags, vacuums, trash cans, and binders all reduce the potential for ESD events and, when combined with good monitoring, can mitigate the risk of ESD events.

At Cleanroom World we offer the best ESD equipment and cleanroom test equipment that keeps manufacturing and cleanroom tasks on track. Order now to make sure ESD does not impact your success!