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Cleanroom World provides cleanroom wipes which are low lint cloths used in a cleanroom or controlled, sterile environment to wipe away surface contamination and spills.  Cleanroom wipes are effective on common cleanroom contaminates such as solid particles, liquid and bio contaminates.  Different types of clean room wipe materials have been developed to offer absorbency, cleanliness, resistance to chemicals and abrasion resistance.

Dry Knitted Wipes are the cleanest level. The wipes for cleanrooms are made from polyester and have a variety of edges and styles. 

FEATURES                                                         TYPES OF EDGES
- Strong, will not tear                                            - Knife cut edge - edges cut with a knife
- Clean, low in particles                                         - Laser sealed edge - edges sealed with a laser
- Soft, non-abrasive                                              - Ultrasonically sealed edge - ultra sonic heat sealed
- Sterile, low bio contaminants                              - Bordered sealed edge - four sided border sealed edge
- Particle capture and retention properties            - CapSure treated - a process that enables wipers to capture
                                                                                 and retain more contaminate particles

Dry Non-Woven Wipes can be made through many different methods.  

• Economical              • Polypropylene/Cellulose: high absorbency, resistant to acids and other chemicals
• High sorbency         • Blue Polypropylene/Cellulose - visual inspection, general purpose cleaning
• Strong                      • Polyester/Lyocell - cleanest nonwoven, absorbent, soft, use with IPA and solvents
• Clean low linting       • Bonded Polypropylene/Cellulose - economical, high absorbency, cellulose core for
                                       excellent wicking fo solvents
                                  • Meltblown Bonded Polypropylene - multi layer, high durability and sorbent, engineered
                                       for use with acids, certified for contact with food.
                                  • Hydroentangled Rayon/Polyester - highly absorbent with all liquids, durable, soft,
                                  • Spunlaced Polyester - very clean, absorbent with solvents, soft non-scratching, strong
                                       wet or dry
                                  • Cotton - 100% biodegradeable, low ionic contamination, heat resistant, high
                                       absorbency, no binders
                                  • Rolls of Poly/Cellulose - special applications requiring roll material

Call customer service with cleanroom wipe questions, technical specifics or to request a wipe sample.