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The highly-regulated cleanroom environment and the variety of tasks for which cleanrooms are used makes the right tool for every task an absolute necessity.  Vacuums for cleanrooms are no exception!

When selecting a vacuum for a cleanroom, make sure that it meets the requirements for the specific usage of the cleanroom.  Whether air-tight seals, autoclavable parts, HEPA filtration, multi-stage filtration, wet/dry, or ULPA filtered, stainless steel cleanroom vacuums play an important role in the continuous and safe operation of a cleanroom.

At Cleanroom World, we have a large selection of cleanroom vacuums.  We’re sure to have a vacuum for any cleanroom environment no matter the industry. We also offer the cleanroom vacuum accessories to ensure that every small space is completely and safely vacuumed.

Get a cleanroom vacuum and tools that are safe and easy to use — order now!