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Sticky Mat Sticky Mat Washable Sticky Mat Washable Sticky Mat
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Autoclavable Mat Autoclavable Mat Emergency Shower Mats Emergency Shower Mats
Static Controlled Mats Static Controlled Mats

With the variety of cleanroom tasks and high standards of regulation, choosing the right kind of equipment from floor to ceiling is difficult. The importance of appropriate cleanroom floors and cleanroom mats is no exception when it comes to safety and comfort.

Whether the cleanroom may encounter chemicals, oil, extreme heat, or fire, cleanroom floors must be resistant to all possible dangers. For semiconductor and electronics manufacturing tasks, static reduction for the static sensitive environment is also important when selecting cleanroom mats.

Cleanroom World provides a wide variety of cleanroom mats, including anti-fatigue and autoclavable mats. We also stock multiple sizes of sticky mats to remove foot-borne and wheel-borne contaminants.

Additionally, we offer emergency shower mats designed for high visibility and slip reduction for ease of use even urgent situations.

Browse our selection of cleanroom floor options and order today to ensure the comfort and safety of all cleanroom staff!