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Consumables for cleanrooms play an important role in maintaining a controlled environment and ensuring the safety and efficiency of operations. Avoid contamination by making sure hair, hands, and shoes are covered. Prevent fiber contamination by making sure you have the right garments and wipes available at all times.

At Cleanroom World we carry a wide variety of cleanroom gloves, cleanroom caps, and cleanroom boot covers for head to toe coverage. We also have a variety of options in cuff sealers to make sure that an effective seal between gloves and garments is quick and easy to guarantee.

We have many options for cleanroom wipes, including multiple sizes in either white or blue with a variety types, including knife, sealed, and hemmed edges. Our cleanroom swabs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes in materials including foam, wrapped foam, polyester, and wrapped polyester to get the job done.

Make sure you always have the cleanroom wipes, gloves, caps, shoe covers, and swabs that you need to keep your workplace operations pristine and safe — order today!