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Easy storage space is a must in the cleanroom gowning rooms.  Dispensers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to hold of the disposable cleanroom supplies.  The term "acrylic" dispenser is a general term when in fact the dispensers are made out of high impact PETG material.

•  Face Mask                        
•  Bouffant Cap                    
•  Beard Cover                                       
•  Boxed Gloves                   
•  Hand Specific Gloves       
•  Multi Compartment            
•  Fingercots                         
•  Disposable Garments       

•  Wipes                            
•  Mini Parts
•  Pipette Racks
•  Animal Recovery Chambers
•  Mouse Irradiation Chambers
•  Para Film Dispensers
•  Petri Dish Dispensers
•  Safety Glasses
•  Ear Plugs
•  Lens Cleaning Wipe Station
•  Mini Parts

Dispensers are available in standard sizes or custom made to fit your specific requirements.  Call Cleanroom World customer service for additional information.